Competition Law, 10th Edition cover

Richard Whish

Honorary Queen’s Counsel

Competition Law
Tenth Edition
Richard Whish & David Bailey
Published by Oxford University Press

About Emeritus Richard Whish

Emeritus Richard Whish was made an Honorary Queen’s Counsel in February 2014. In 2011 he was recipient of the Global Competition Review Award for Academic Excellence. A legal academic and author, he was Professor of Law at King's College London from 1991 to 2013; prior to that he taught at the University of Bristol and was a Visiting Professor of Law at the College of Europe in Bruges. From 2003 to 2009 Richard was a non-executive director of the Office of Fair Trading. Formerly in practice as a partner at Watson, Farley and Williams for nine years as a qualified solicitor and continues to act as a consultant.


Competition Law — 10th Edition, 26 August 2021

ISBN: 9780198836322
Published by Oxford University Press